Data Hedron is a database and machine learning centered business offering companies services that allow them to expand, scale up or get custom tailored solutions for their data analysis.  


Our goal as a team is to learn from all the problems are customers are facing and build a tool that will help companies understand their data and provide reassurance that their decisions are based on a correct analysis. 


With over 15 years in the business and a vast experience which engulfs  database solutions for well known companies like BetFair or SWISS Bank, we can offer the guarantee of  high tech and high quality work.  


We are a group of friends dedicated and specialized in database development and architecture. Our policy is that we only work with who we trust, so any collaboration is closely related .    



Integrity is at the core of what we do. Trust and integrity are key to long term partnerships and we take our values, vision and mission to heart. We are honest, trusted and respectful in our dealings with people.


We strive to make our customers goals turn into shared goals and rely on mutual support to help us lead to greater success. We emphasize on the importance of communicating with each other in an open way.


We constantly push ourselves to provide more innovative solutions for customers so they can act faster and smarter.


We're in it to be the best at what we do and see our projects come to life in your business.


Senior Database Developer

Senior Database Developer with over 10 years of experience in the IT sector of multinational companies and corporations which rely on a strong technology core where the collection, management and analysis of data is a key factor in their business model.


Sales & Marketing Manager

Our Sales & Marketing Manager with over 8 years experience in the IT field and online products is both technical and business oriented capable of "translating" any business requirements, goals, aspirations to our development team.


Senior Database Architect

Senior Database Architect with over 10 years of experience in various projects where he architected internal processes for banking transactions and developed automated accounting engines for custom ERP solutions.


Data Scientist

Data Scientist with a PhD in Machine Learning and over 5 years of experience, he worked on developing prediction algorithms for various models like Churn, VIP or Conversion. Johnny (as he likes to be called) has great experience with tools like SPSS, RStudio and Tableau.


Junior QA engineer

Junior QA engineer with a keen eye for data quality and an ISTQB certification.


Junior SysAdmin

Junior SysAdmin, he handles our day2day infrastructure, software installs and 24/7 critical process monitoring.