Do you guarantee your estimates?

We offer both hourly and fixed-price methods for billing our work. With hourly projects, you pay for exactly the time you use. With fixed-price projects, you know what you will pay up front.

What hours are you available?

Our current office hours are 7 AM to 4 PM on Monday through Friday central time. We are available for work at any hour of the day or night by appointment or to those who purchase a 24-hour support contract.

What is your service area?

We provide service across the United States and Canada. We can perform work remotely to give you efficient and affordable services, or on-site to provide a personal touch.

What is your work capacity?

We routinely manage projects that range from a large dedicated staff to only a few hours for a single person. Whether your needs are large or small, we have a plan to suit your needs.

When are you available for new projects?

We can often start immediately on new projects. Larger projects may require a few weeks to free sufficient resources depending on the speed of development you require.

Why are you less expensive than some of your competitors?

Our analysts are some of the best in the business, though we do not charge the highest prices. This is due primarily to two factors. First is our efficient management strategy. We waste very little and invest quite a lot. The second is our people. Not only do we hire the best, but we trust their expertise and allow them to use the expertise we hired them for. In short, we are able to provide superior services for reasonable prices by running a tighter ship than the competition.

Why are you more expensive than some of your competitors?

We don’t claim to be the cheapest solution, only the best. We offer superior quality, and we believe that attention to detail will pay off in the long run. We offer more than analysts for hire; we offer complete solutions. From conceptualization, to planning, to design, to testing, to implantation, we take your project from start to finish. We also take responsibility for our work. We offer performance guarantees and customized contracts to ensure delivery.

Why should I spend so much on superior quality, when average quality is cheaper?

We believe that quality is in the long run cheaper, though perhaps not immediately. Quality solutions will run more cheaply, provide greater value, better avoid costly errors, last longer, and be cheaper to upgrade later on.

Why shouldn’t I just hire my own developers?

Many companies attempt to save money by hiring their own development staff. Typically, that ends up costing more. An employee with a $40 per hour salary, may cost the company $80 per hour once taxes, benefits, contractor fees, and office space come into play. Immediately, the price gap is much smaller than imagined. Considering expenses for hiring, training, and managing, the rest of the savings get eaten away. Once you have hired, trained, and paid your development staff, you now have a new small IT business inside of your original business. Now that you have your own IT department, you have a new world of pitfalls to look forward to when managing an IT department. Trust us, we know. Software is what we do. We have worked out all the kinks, and we are ready to provide you excellent service with no waiting.

Hiring the correct amount of staff can be a difficult task. Large companies sometimes hire large numbers of employees only to lay off many of them when the project is done. This is easy on your budget, but is not kind to your PR, or your ability to hire people in the future that know your reputation. Small companies often can’t afford specialists due to a lack of work for them, so they either pay for more hours than they need or get someone who is not completely qualified for all its responsibilities. We provide just the right amount of staff to get your project done quickly without costing you any more than necessary or leading to messy layoffs.

Whatever business you are in, you probably didn’t get into it with the aspiration of becoming database experts. The best businesses are the ones that know how to focus on their core business. Even if you manage to produce databases more cheaply than we could provide them for you, why would you want to? Your business will make more money in the long run by taking the money you would have spent building a development team and spending it on your core business… after all, if that weren’t true, you wouldn’t be doing the business you do in the first place.