Database Migration

  • Process design and pre-requisites analysis for the data migration
  • Reduced risks and costs with a zero downtime and no data loss policy
  • File or data stream encryption for a secure data transfer implementation
  • Scalable migration solutions

Data Warehouse Architecture

  • Implement a database design framework for both new and existing ETL processes for incoming and outgoing feeds.
  • 3NF and Star Schema (Snow Flake) modeling
  • Experience across different relational and non-relational DB engines
  • Meeting the business expectations across the system architecture together with a physical architecture
  • Operational Data Store vs Strategic Data Warehousing as a single point of contact for all business decisions

ETL Development

  • Extract Transform Load process development and automation
  • Native, Tool based or Metadata driven ETL development
  • Experience with a wide technology stack: ODI, Talend DI, Informatica, Amazon Glue, PL/SQL, T-SQL
  • Scalable data integration or migration solutions
  • Custom Data Encryption processes in order to pass data streams securely

Business Intelligence

  • Development of custom mission critical business reports
  • Development & Maintenance of overnight ETL processing which feeds the business reporting framework
  • Visually presenting data based on custom management requests
  • Designing reports with an UX mindset

Database Administration

  • 24/7 support for both DBA processes and ETL overnight critical processing
  • Monitoring DB and Server logs and providing regular health checks reports
  • Implementing a solid backup strategy and a disaster recovery plan
  • Installation and configuration of new DB instances
  • Performance tuning

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